Re: Being unsubscribed when I didn't unsubscribe myself!

Michael Sattler (
Mon, 17 Apr 1995 15:09:56 -0700

At 12:47 4/17/95, John D. Lauer wrote:
>I just received a notice that I was unsubscribed from this list but I never
>sent anything to the listproc requesting to be off of it. Is somebody
>trying to sabotage me? Or is the listproc screwed up?
>Its ironic how there are tons of mailings to the list of people who can't
>subscribe, and then I get unsubscribed without wanting to be.

Interesting. Usually when someone is unsubscribed it's because their
e-mail address is suddenly causing bounces (no such user, mailbox full,
really bad karma) and the list manager human removes you. Do you still
have the unsub message?

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