Re: Being unsubscribed when I didn't unsubscribe myself!

John D. Lauer (
Mon, 17 Apr 1995 18:21:49 -0400

I found out why it happened. If it happened to anyone else this could be
the reason. The list manager was taken over by someone new and she made a
few boo-boo's. Here's her message:

Sorry Mr. Lauer. Forgive the error on my part. I am struggling
through my first day as list owner, your address may have been
similar to someone trying to unsubsribe. I will get this down to
a science this week, and will be working to make things smoother
for all list subscribers. Thank you for your patience.

Sharon Roberts
Administrative Assistant to Richard Cogger
Cornell University
Surge III, Room 150

>At 12:47 4/17/95, John D. Lauer wrote:
>>I just received a notice that I was unsubscribed from this list but I never
>>sent anything to the listproc requesting to be off of it. Is somebody
>>trying to sabotage me? Or is the listproc screwed up?
>>Its ironic how there are tons of mailings to the list of people who can't
>>subscribe, and then I get unsubscribed without wanting to be.
>Interesting. Usually when someone is unsubscribed it's because their
>e-mail address is suddenly causing bounces (no such user, mailbox full,
>really bad karma) and the list manager human removes you. Do you still
>have the unsub message?
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