serial port problem

A Foderaro (
Mon, 17 Apr 1995 18:58:49 -0500

Added an external U.S.Robotics 28.8Kbps modem to my Mac, and am getting a
lot of bombs when I try to take advantage of high speed transmission and
reception. The mouse and keyboard freeze up when the incoming signal LED on
the modem is indicating a lot of incoming packets. Happens within seconds
after connecting to a CU-seeMe reflector - just when the incoming picture
is being formed. I think the freeze up may be due to the limitation of the
Mac serial ports; i.e. unable to handle 28.8Kbps.
Has anyone else had this problem? Would appreciate any suggested
solutions. Can the PowerMac serial ports be speeded up?

Am using:
Macintosh Performa 6115CD (basically a PowerMac 6100/60)
System 7.5.1