Crash Update

Jim Thompson (
Mon, 17 Apr 1995 21:17:47 -0500

Hey guys,
Thanks for everyone's help, unfortunately I am still crashing. The
information that someone (can't remember who) asked for is as follows. I
have a Mac Q650 with QuickCam, and Ram Doubler (which might be the problem
except that it doesnt crash as much when it is ON as opposed to OFF). I
have the latest version of CUSeeMe (80b2 or ?) and of Talk Window I
believe. AND the error number I get when I crash is -23009. If anyone has
any ideas, let me know.

Jim & Christina

CUSeeMe aliases:
...and various others

P.S. Is it wrong to broadcast cartoons or movies or whatever I can send
through my digitizer card? If so, let me know :)

James Thompson
JNC Consulting & Design/
Innersanctum Music
617.247.2074 (voice)
617.789.8906 (bp)