CU over SLIP <=> Telco <=> SLIP connection

Alain Caillet (acaillet@dow.on.doe.CA)
Tue, 18 Apr 95 12:30:10 EDT

As anyone any experience in establishing a CUSeeMe SLIP_to_SLIP connection
without transit through the Net?

For one to one local call connection or when one of the party does not
have access to the net, this is suppose to work and should be faster
(for a given the max rate set by the modem-modem connection).

I need info on how to set the answering Trumpet SLIP/Modem and the connection.

Are answer script available?

What dummy IP to use ( and ) ?

Are special winsock configuration needed ?

Thanks in advance. If I get it to work, I will post my results and
a step by step "how to "


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