Re: Question about reflector working

Kuniaki Mizuno (
Tue, 18 Apr 1995 14:35:51 -0800

Thank you for your advice, John

But accally, I can see these packets.

CU-Seeme -------------------> Reflector --------------------> CU-Seeme
souce port=7648 souce port=7648
distination port=7648 distination

It seems CU-Seeme uses only one type UDP packet for sending video and audio.
To see the meening of data, I think CU-Seeme has to use a kind of header as
| Ethernet | IP | UDP | CU-Seeme header | Data |
CU-Seeme header is for discribe the kind of data

>You say it uses one port to send data from. Well it just addresses each
>packet sent out of that port to either audio, or video. UDP packets are
>like this:
>Dest IP address:
>Dest port: xxxx (can be anything b/w 0 and 65,536)
>Source IP address:
>Source port: 7648
>Data: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...
>So you can address each individual packet out of port 7648 to any port on
>any ip address. Its not like TCP transmission where an actual connection is
>established b/w two ports. So its CUCM that decides what's audio, what's

Kuniaki Mizuno