Annoying LInes on Video with QuickCam

Steve Bernstein (
Wed, 19 Apr 1995 10:02:27 -0700

I'm having a problem that seems specific to CU-SeeMe's video. I've
installed the QuickCam on someone's PowerBook 540 with 20MB RAM. The
QuickMovie application looks great. When I bring up CU-SeeMe, I get black
lines filtering through the local video, even before a connection is made.
When a connection is made, there's no change on the local video (still get
the lines), but the remote video looks great.

I tried switching cameras but still have the problem (and it's only in
CU-SeeMe anyway). Anyone ever seen this before or have any suggestions?
Thanks for the help!

Steve Bernstein
Cisco Systems (408) 526-5982