Re: Annoying LInes on Video with QuickCam

John D. Balogh, +1 814 863 1252 (
Thu, 20 Apr 1995 16:27:54 -0400

Peter Burgstaller said:
>I think it is related to the environmental lumination since some times
>I get a really nice picture .. and the other time I have lines, big
>brightness differences etc.

Exactly. Try illumination with only an incandescent source,
then with flourescent source. The flourescent bulbs (when run off
Alternating Current (AC) ) tend to "flash" at the frequency of the
power line. If your camera is close to the powerline frequency,
but not synchronized to it, you will get light and dark horizontal lines.

The video sources from the network will show the lighting situations of
the remote locations. If the remote locations have sunlight or incandescent
light, they will not show dark bars...

Then again, I could be full of hot air. :-)
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