Creative Labs RT300

David Baisley (
Fri, 21 Apr 1995 00:21:09 -0400

I have a the Creative Labs RT300 video capture card.
The version of CU-SeeMe build 0.3b4 or something like that (latest from doesn't recognize the card. It says unsupported
function and doesn't recognize the driver. My questions are:

A) Is there any way to get this card to work?
(is there a patch or some way around the problem)
B) Will there ever be support for it?
C) What is the cheapest card I can get so I can start
using it?
D) What is the "best" card to use. Your opinion counts!
E) Where can I buy the above cards FAST!
F) Are there anyways for people w/o video in a windows environ
to communicate with people broadcasting?
G) When will windows have Audio!

Thanks for any responses in advance. Send them to

I have a Micron P90, Two gigs, 16 megs Ram,
Sound Card, Video Capture card, FlexCam
direct connect to Internet, and I still
can't Video Conference......I think I want
a Power Mac......naaahhhhh

David Baisley
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