Re: Supported Capture Cards

Rogene Talento (
Thu, 20 Apr 1995 21:25:25 -0700

>I recall having seen a list of CU-SEEME compatible capture cards in
>this list some time back. It did not make it through my conversion
>from a rather poorly behaved email program to the one I currently use.
>Would someone who still has it ( or the original poster ) please be so
>kind as to repost?

Send a request to Albert Foo (

>I'm hoping to set up a relative so that we can communicate more
>effectively than a simple phone call or email, and I've seen an ad for
>a Videologic Captivator selling for $89.99, this is a very good price
>range *if* the card will work with CU-SEEME!

I was just talking to a guy on IPhone who got the Captivator for $99, and
says it works perfectly with CU-Seeme and the new VidCall program. I'm not
sure about the CU-Seeme compatiblity, but I can attest to the VidCall
compatibility, as we tested that out (I'm receive only). Where did you see
the $89 price? (Albert Foo's list has the Captivator at $349, and untested
with CU-Seeme).

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