Re: Please Help with Installation

TR (
Thu, 20 Apr 1995 22:55:15 -0700

Hi, Scott,

>I have downloaded two different beta versions of cu-seeme for Windows. Both
>generate the following error message on start-up
>"WSA Start-up Failure (10093)

You must log into Netcom before running CU-SeeMe. I'm assuming you're
using NetCruiser 1.60.

I haven't got past the "host not responding" stage of connecting to a
reflector host, though. This is due to a Netcom "firewall". I don't
know how to get around it. I'm hoping that someone from Netcom will
create a pinhole for CU-SeeMe...

Still Struggling & about to give up...


>What is causing this and how can I solve the problem.
>Scott Goldstein
>Los Angeles, California "The Plague State"