Paul Henry (phenry@primenet.com)
Fri, 21 Apr 1995 04:51:31 -0700

I goofed and just posted this:
Joe Taibi wrote:

>I've seen an ad for a Videologic Captivator selling for $89.99, this is a
>very good price range *if* the card will work with CU-SEEME!

I happened to run across this board by accident and took a chance and bought
it used. It seems to work fine in my setup though I've only used it one day.
I am running Windows 3.1 on a Dell DX2-50.

I have experienced a couple of Windows errors that caused me to crash when
using it with CU-SeeMe but I think it's the CU-SeeMe that's the problem and
^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^
I hope to straighten that out sometime in this millenium.

BTW, that is a ~very~ good price. I saw it in the Tiger Software mail order
catalog for $10 more than that.

I meant using it with Iphone. Sorry about the wasted band width,
Paul Henry
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