Re: pctcpapi.dll

Chip Sparling (
Fri, 21 Apr 95 12:01:18 EDT

PCTCPAPI is the first lower level interface that the ftp Software
WinSock.dll calls. I'm thinking that you only have our WinSock.dll
but not the rest of the protocol stack either in your path or on
your system. Look for ethdrv.exe or vxdpctcp.386 and if you don't
have either of those, you don't have the meat of the protocol stack.

Just to clear up potential confusion, different Windows Sockets DLLs
from different vendors look the same from the application side, but from
the bottom up, they look entirely different and aren't interchangeable.

>I am trying to run CuSeeMe on an IBM 486 PC clone with Windows 3.1 and a direct
>Ethernet connection. The software appears to start but exits with an error
>message of "PCTCPAPI.DLL missing". What is the DLL that is missing? Is
>PCTCPAPI.DLL a specific name of some file of something to indicate that some
>TCP/application dll is missing? Where can I get a copy? - preferably via ftp.

If you have any problems, let me know and I'll do what I can.

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