Re: Worked yesterday, not today

Jim Iversen (
Fri, 21 Apr 1995 15:13:52 -0400 (EDT)


Could it be that, after all that tweaking, your path may have changed?

Could it be that you have more than one Winsock.dll or WLibsock.dll and
that the wrong one(s) are being found and executed first?

Be sure the correct (and preferably latest) versions of Winsock.dll and
WLibsock.dll are the only ones in your path.

Are you running the latest versions of the LAN Workplace files.

According to Novell's Technical Information Document (TID251027)
dated 08NOV94, You can get them from the following sites:

CompuServe: Netwire NOVLIB 08
Gopher: gopher://

The last update I downloaded was named LWP42T.exe

Hope this helps...

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On 21 Apr 1995 wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I'm running CU-SeeMe 34.b4 on 486/66 w/8mgs ram and LAN WorkPlace for Windows
> TCP/IP, Windows 3.1.
> Yesterday after downloading and tweaking, the program ran OK. Today, it will
> load, but now whenever I try to connect (I've been receiving only) it will
> connect at first, then report "application detected general protection error..."
> If I try again, it reports "cannot bind to UDP port.." then closes. I've been
> trying addresses that loaded fine yesterday.
> How can I get it working again?
> Thanks,
> Denise Forbes