CU-SeeMe Phone Patch

David Seay (
Fri, 21 Apr 95 14:25:55 PDT

Hello CU-SeeMe'ers,

This is a question for those of you that know your way around an
electronics store. What would it take to build a "phone patch" kit
for CU-SeeMe? With a phone patch, one CU-SeeMe user could make a
phone call on behalf of another Cu-SeeMe user and then connect the
audio of the CU-SeeMe session to the phone, allowing the phone user
to speak to the distant CU-SeeMe user.

Most of the phones I use have a handset that is connected to the phone's
base unit via a modular jack. Is there cabling available to connect from
this modular jack to the microphone and speaker ports on the back of
a Macintosh? Would the voltages associated with the computer's audio
be compatible with that of the phone?