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ISDN is a digital telephone line that allows you to communicate at 64kbs.
Basic rate service is 2 channels (64kbs each, but you can use only one).
Pacific Bell offers this service in most of California for $25/month and
the per minute rates are very close to standard telephone rates per
channel. Installation is about $35, plus they don't charge you the $110
setup fee if you keep the line for 2 years. Call Pac Bell at

Note: you will also have to buy an ISDN "modem" for your computer (ex for
PC- IBM Waverunner :$500) plus an Network Terminator 1 (NT1) adapter
(Motorola, IBM: $150-350).

Also, you will need to know the configuration you want for your ISDN (there
are many options) This will depend on the ISDN card you use. I've just
ordered mine recently, so I'll know more in a few weeks.


What is an ISDN Connection?? How do you get one and how expensive will it

I've been watching my CU-SeeMe reflectors with great hope and interest, but
I've been terribly dissapointed with the slow frame rate ( .5-6.5 fps )
except Barre @home who always seems to be cranking out 10 fps.
How can I improve this performance?

I'm running...
Mac Performa 600 (680030 33 mhz)
Supra 14.4 modem


Elliott Francis
Black Entertainment Television
Burbank, California
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