Luc Saint-Elie (
Sat, 22 Apr 1995 10:38:03 +0100

I just downloaded a shareware soft ($30) called VideoPhone, here is a part
of the read me:
VideoPhone is a modified version of an application called CU-SeeMe from
Cornell University. The development of the VideoPhone system represents a
significant investment of time, effort, and know-how to acheive its present
configuration. VideoPhone reserves all copyrights 1995, in present or
modified form. Redistribution of VideoPhone 1.0.3 Demo is permitted.

The most significant enhancements to the original application are as follows:

Network System Administrator Set-up & Control software
Unique resource selection for Point -to-Point, Point-to-Internet, and
Internet-to-Internet connects
User friendly interface with two-stage quick-key controls
On-line Help information
Easy to understand color menus and interface controls
Various software deletions to improve performance and to provide a more
intuitive interface

Does that mean that CUSeeme will disapear ? or it it the "Netscape syndrom"
(at beginning, Mosaic was a soft developped by an University, then a
commercial organisation took further the development).

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