Re: General Protection Fault

Paul Henry (
Sat, 22 Apr 1995 14:17:42 -0700

David B. Bennett wrote:

> I've been using CUSEEME, Windows 0.34b4, successfully for several
>weeks now. But when I try to attend any of the Earthwatch events at
>either NYSERNET or CORNELL ( I get the
> CUSEEME caused a general protection fault in module CUSEEME.EXE at
> I have an IBM PC 486 DX with a 40 mhz chip and 8 MB RAM. I am
>connected to the Internet via arcnet over a Novell network.
> Is anyone else experiencing a similar problem?

Yes, I am having the identical problem.

> What's the explanation?

I have no idea. I wonder if it's something to do with the fact the
reflectors seem extra busy because of Earth Day. I don't have any idea why
that _should_ be but it does seem to be more than coincidental.


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