Videologic Captivator

Joe Taibi (
Tue, 01 Jan 80 05:37:56 EST

Well I would not advise anyone who is using CU-SeeMe in a WIN-OS/2
session under OS/2 to try this board. From my own testing it appears
the board uses a Virtual Device driver that will NOT get loaded in a
WIN-OS/2 session. Therefore, the board won't work under these
conditions. I did, however, install it on a true Windows machine and
it appeared to work ( using it's own Vidsnap utility, I didn't test
CU-SeeMe on that machine ).

It will likely work just fine for my Cousin when I send it to him
though, as he isn't so masochistic as to run Windows programs under
OS/2. <grin>
Hey guys how about a native OS/2 version of CU-SEEME?


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