No response (fwd)

George Morford (
Sat, 22 Apr 95 22:52:50 PDT

I all,

Me too on the "No Response form nn.nn.nn.nn" error
message. No one has shed any light on this. Everyone else
seems to connect with no trouble and says to me, "What's
your problem."

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> From Sat Apr 22 18:25:16 1995
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> From: (Bill Neuman)
> To: <>
> Subject: No response
> All,
> This may be elementary but here goes: A week or two I ftp'd CU-SEEME ver
> W0.34B4 from cornell. After a week of trial and error I have finally gotten
> it to load up and the logo and the window that reads CU-SeeME in the header.
> This the window that also says "waiting for connection". I then click on
> Connection and then sub menu "connect". I then enter an IP address; example
> - and click on enter. It then says "Opening connection"
> followed by "Connecting to" After approximately 10 seconds I
> get a window that now says "No response from" I click on OK
> and it goes back waiting for connection.
> I am using a 486-50mhz VESA, 16 meg ram, 850 meg hard drive, Pro audio
> spectrum 16 audio card, trantor CD Rom pc compatible clone. Using windows
> 3.1, Trumpet winsock 2.0b. I connect through a local BBS to a SLIP
> connection. Oh yeah a 14.4 modem. (next week a 28.8 .v34 modem).
> I have tried at least 8 different "public" sites. I was talking to a person
> on Internet Phone and he told me that a site was working and try it then
> because he was just on. I tried with no luck.
> Any help out there?? Thanks.....
> Bill Neuman