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Joe Taibi (jtaibi@solar.sky.net)
Sun, 23 Apr 95 02:32:33 EDT

I had this same problem when I was attempting to use cu-seeme with a
Dial-up Dynamic IP PPP account. As soon as I changed to a STATIC IP
and put my machine name and IP in the HOSTS file, I began to get
responses. It seems there is something about my providers system that
makes dynamic IP's invisible to the reflectors.

Have you tried a direct connect to another CU-SeeMe user via their IP?
When I could not get reflector responses I was still able to direct
connect to other users.

>I all,

>Me too on the "No Response form nn.nn.nn.nn" error
>message. No one has shed any light on this. Everyone else
>seems to connect with no trouble and says to me, "What's
>your problem."

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> From owner-CU-SEEME-L@cornell.edu Sat Apr 22 18:25:16 1995
> Sender: owner-CU-SEEME-L@cornell.edu
> From: bneuman@future.dreamscape.com (Bill Neuman)
> To: <CU-SEEME-L@cornell.edu>
> Subject: No response
> All,
> This may be elementary but here goes: A week or two I ftp'd CU-SEEME ver
> W0.34B4 from cornell. After a week of trial and error I have finally gotten
> it to load up and the logo and the window that reads CU-SeeME in the header.
> This the window that also says "waiting for connection". I then click on
> Connection and then sub menu "connect". I then enter an IP address; example
> - and click on enter. It then says "Opening connection"
> followed by "Connecting to" After approximately 10 seconds I
> get a window that now says "No response from" I click on OK
> and it goes back waiting for connection.
> I am using a 486-50mhz VESA, 16 meg ram, 850 meg hard drive, Pro audio
> spectrum 16 audio card, trantor CD Rom pc compatible clone. Using windows
> 3.1, Trumpet winsock 2.0b. I connect through a local BBS to a SLIP
> connection. Oh yeah a 14.4 modem. (next week a 28.8 .v34 modem).
> I have tried at least 8 different "public" sites. I was talking to a person
> on Internet Phone and he told me that a site was working and try it then
> because he was just on. I tried with no luck.
> Any help out there?? Thanks.....
> Bill Neuman

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