Re: [Fwd: No response (fwd)]

Rogene Talento (
Sun, 23 Apr 1995 01:20:51 -0700

>I had this same problem when I was attempting to use cu-seeme with a
>Dial-up Dynamic IP PPP account. As soon as I changed to a STATIC IP
>and put my machine name and IP in the HOSTS file, I began to get
>responses. It seems there is something about my providers system that
>makes dynamic IP's invisible to the reflectors.
>Have you tried a direct connect to another CU-SeeMe user via their IP?
>When I could not get reflector responses I was still able to direct
>connect to other users.

Maybe I'm weird, but I was able to get CU-Seeme to work from the very first
installation, and I have a dynamic IP account.

At first, I wasn't able to appear as anything besides Tom Servo, but I fixed
that by editing the hosts file and naming my machine. I just used one of
the IP addresses that was assigned to me. Doesn't seem to matter if I don't
get that that same address again either...

Now if my provider would install some v.34 modems...
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