Re: GPF's CU-SeeMe

Michael Sattler (
Sun, 23 Apr 1995 08:37:12 -0700

At 2:46 AM 4/23/95, W. John Guineau wrote:

>Everytime I connect to this site, I get thier splash screen saying
>who they are, sometimes some videos start popping up, then I get a

That probably means that your checque to them hasn't yet cleared. Please
be patient; they're quite busy.

(Yes of course this is a joke - it's just that I don't have a Windoze
machine around and can't offer real help.)

ObCU-SeeMe: I was recently interviewed about CU-SeeMe by a local jounalist
for an article to appear in the San Francisco Chronicle. I wore my
sand-colored CU-SeeMe tee-shirt to the meeting.

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