Bug fix release W0.34b5 for Windows GPF @ 0001:0481

Rich Kennerly (rbk1@cornell.edu)
Sun, 23 Apr 1995 13:38:28 -0400

Windows Users:

There is a new bug fix release W0.34b5 which fixes:

* GPF @ 0001:0481 (hopefully in all cases)

* When you double click a closed window, someone else pops up.

This is a bug fix on the old 0.34b4 version and doesn't contain any other
fixes or improvements that you'll find in 0.65 which will be in beta shortly.
I'll always release a GPF bug fix even so close to the 0.65 version
with audio and lots of other things.

This version is on cu-seeme.cornell.edu in pub/CU-SeeMe/PC.CU-SeeMeW0.34b5/.
To install, just FTP and overwrite your current installation. You won't lose
your settings because the releases never contain any. I always leave the
previous version on the server if you need to go back.

Thanks to Gururajan Ramachandran for his helpful Dr. Watson trace this

Stack Dump (stack)
Stack Frame 0 is CUSEEME 1:0481 ss:bp 34df:5c18
355f:0479 24 0f and al, 0f
355f:047b 0a c0 or al, al
355f:047d 75 19 jnz short 0498
355f:047f 66 ad lodsd
355f:0481 66 ab stosd
355f:0483 86 c4 xchg al, ah
355f:0485 66 c1 c0 10 rol eax, 10
355f:0489 86 c4 xchg al, ah
.....(there's more)...

which, in this case, was unique enough for me to find it in the cu-seeme code.
(Here I'd tested for a NULL pointer but was getting 0:2074 which has a NULL
selector but non-NULL offset; I'm using GETSELECTOROF() now.)

-Rich Kennerly - PC Windows CU-SeeMe developer. <rbk1@cornell.edu>