cuseeme compatability with TIA

John Waller (
Sun, 23 Apr 1995 19:36:22 -0400 (EDT)

Hi, I just downloaded cu-seeme ( Version W.o34b4 ) and can't seem to get
it to work. I am running Windows 3.1, trumpet and TIA on the host. I have
set up Trumpet to have an IP address of, and configured the
host file in the trumpet directory as " john".

When I try to connect to any cu-seeme site ( such as channel
5 ), I get a "Not response from 204,96,200.5". I have also tried to all
the default connect sites listed under the cuseeme connect button, but
nothing happens.

Note, I traced trumpet at the ip level, and I can see packets going out,
and no response coming back. I know my connection is valid since I alos
have netscape and WinQVT running at the same time.

Thanks in advance ...

John Waller, Manager, Communication Networks, Advantis Canada
EMAIL: PH: W-905-316-1001