How to VFW enable a framegrabber

W. John Guineau (guineau@nature.MV.COM)
Sun, 23 Apr 1995 22:32:08 +0000

I have a Quanta WinVision B&W framegrabber in my PC.

It has some Win3.1 driver support to enable grabbing images
with PhotoFinish (ships with the WinVision). I'm wondering what it
would take to get this card working under Video for Windows (and
hence, CU-SeeMe)?

I have the VFW 1.1a developers kit. Is it a matter of writing a
driver? I'm running Windows 95 here so the Win 3.1 stuff stopped
working (for now, Quanta is making a driver available rsn).

Cool! I'm watching commercials on CH 5 in a CU-SeeMe window! Now
for sound :)


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