Re: Brief message on CUSeeMe

Gary MacDougall (garym@id.WING.NET)
Mon, 24 Apr 1995 09:01:43 -0400

At 08:38 PM 4/23/95 -0400, Roger Alan Tetzlaff wrote:
>Hello All...
>I've been sitting on the list for about a week now, receiving somewhere
>around a dozen messages a day from Windoze users who can't get CUSeeMe to
>Although my suggestion is going to perturb many of you, I feel obligated to
>make it, nonetheless.
Why? Seems to me buying MAC is not a solution. Looks like this thing was
ported in some ways from the MAC to Windows....Always a nasty job, and
sometimes impossible feat.... Now I'm no Windows fan, I much prefer a solid
68K machine (68K assembler is a little more coherent than Intel). However,
to me the MAC is nothing more than a machine which greatly underutilizes its
processor--why do most MAC's need an 040' just to get any kind of normal
CU-SEEME on a MAC probably works wonderful because thats what it was written
on...But thats no excuse for a poor port to Windows 16bit. Lets face it,
Windows 16 bit really *does* rule the computing kingdom--like it or not.
Now if we want CU-SEEME to be sucessful...telling people to "buy a
MACINTOSH" is counterproductive.

Windows NT on the other hand with its full mutlithreading and pre-emptive
multitasking, to me sounds like a much more logical choice for a port.
These two features of the operating system alone can lend itself greatly to
a fine version of CU-SEEME.

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