Re: Brief message on CUSeeMe

Darren Suprina (Darren.Suprina@East.Sun.COM)
Mon, 24 Apr 1995 11:35:29 -0400

Just a thought about porting...

~> >I've been sitting on the list for about a week now, receiving somewhere
~> >around a dozen messages a day from Windoze users who can't get CUSeeMe to
~> >work.
~> >
~> >Although my suggestion is going to perturb many of you, I feel obligated to
~> >make it, nonetheless.
~> >
~> >
~> Why? Seems to me buying MAC is not a solution. Looks like this thing was
~> Windows NT on the other hand with its full mutlithreading and pre-emptive
~> multitasking, to me sounds like a much more logical choice for a port.
~> These two features of the operating system alone can lend itself greatly to
~> a fine version of CU-SEEME.

How about a port to UNIX? Now i`m somewhat biased (working for Sun), but
personally i'd like to be able to enjoy CU-SEEME on my SS10. I have an
LCIII but would rather use the workstation since it has ISDN built in.
Certainly there have to be other WS uses out there who would like to
jump in without having to purchase Apple HW or pay a pound of flesh to
Mr. Gates.

That said, anyone out there know of an Internet Service Provider with
something that approaches a **reasonable** rate (perhaps based on usage)
for ISDN connectivity in Central/Northern NJ (Bell Atlantic)? I'm
really tired of pluging along at 28.8.

Finally, perhaps someone can clarify a technical point for me. Does a
Reflector do any AV stream processing such as audio format conversion?

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