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Bill Neuman (
Mon, 24 Apr 95 19:10 GMT

>Hi, I just downloaded cu-seeme ( Version W.o34b4 ) and can't seem to get
>it to work. I am running Windows 3.1, trumpet and TIA on the host. I have
>set up Trumpet to have an IP address of, and configured the
>host file in the trumpet directory as " john".
>When I try to connect to any cu-seeme site ( such as channel
>5 ), I get a "Not response from 204,96,200.5". I have also tried to all
>the default connect sites listed under the cuseeme connect button, but
>nothing happens.
>Note, I traced trumpet at the ip level, and I can see packets going out,
>and no response coming back. I know my connection is valid since I alos
>have netscape and WinQVT running at the same time.
>Thanks in advance ...


Any luck so far?? I have the EXACT same set up as you. I also have done the
same things you have stated. After my post to the mail list last week I was
able to connect to a person that I was talking to on the Internet Phone. He
could transmit and receive. After he was set, I entered his IP in and within
seconds had a black and white picture of him on my screen! This was a person
to person connection. This has been my only video so far. Exciting enough to
make me want more!

>I am running Windows 3.1, trumpet and TIA on the host.

I believe this is our problem. [TIA] I talked to my provider and he says
using the adapter makes our IP look invisible to the software. (something to
that effect) I know this for a fact, because on Internet Phone, while
everything works fine, no one can call me. I have to initiate all calls. He
says an upgrade to his software will be here in three weeks to resolve the
problems. It is called Port Redirection. Now it will look like we have a
specific address.

One more question - Does your name under preferences stay set to what you
have in your Trumpet host file? Mine always goes back to "Tom Servo". Let me
know if you have found out any new information.

Have you checked out VidCall? Color, up to 10 fps. I played the demo and was
impressed. If I can't get this to work I will explore VidCall.

Your e-mail address came back to me, unknown host?

Bill Neuman