Re: Videophone software fraud?

Joseph Kahan (
Mon, 24 Apr 1995 17:06:51 -0500 (CDT)

In response to the message posted about VideoPhone Fraud!!!

VideoPhone was a development effort which was kicked off several months
ago with cooperation from Cornell. At that time, questions about license
agreements where discuss and modifications to the program were started.

Since that time, discussions with the Master Licensee of CU-SeeMe have
begun and a license agreement should be completed within the next 30 - 60

A little about VideoPhone:

In order to provide the CU-SeeMe users with an interface that they were
comfortable ith, the look and feel of the application was kept the same
(only minor physical changes). Also, please remember VideoPhone is a
Demo with several control functions taken out on purpose. The biggest
differences in the full version are:

1) The application has been tuned for modem-to-modem connections, limited
user set-up required
2) The application has a System Administrator package to prevent
unnecessary bandwidth utilization over a local network. This would be
used for a business wanting to limit it user control in order to
maintain network bandwidth requirements.
3) On-line help
4) New colorful user interface
5) Fine tuning procedures

Unfortunately because of an early release of the Demo version, orders for
VideoPhone will not ready for at least a few more weeks. So please don't
try to order. If you are interested, look for the name Videokhan, and
please tell your friends.

Sorry about any misconception of the product,


24 Apr 1995, Roel Vertegaal

> (Open Letter to the Editors of Tidbits)
> CC: Cornell University CUSeeMe Consortium
> Dear Sirs,
> I have recently found an archive on info-mac called Videophone:
> This software is a $30 shareware internet videoconferencing product, written by
> This software is, to my best knowledge, complete and utter fraud! It is a
> carbon copy of Cornell's copyrighted CUSEEME software. Mister Kahan's
> efforts comprise the changing of icons and menu titles into something
> barely comprehensible, and the removal of some setup functionality. This
> way, he tries to make easy money via the internet. I would like you to ask
> you if you could investigate this further, and publish about this case in
> the next Tidbits issue, in order to achieve the removal of Mr. Kahan's
> fraudulent software from the internet archives. I also think legal
> prosecution should be considered by the Cornell University CUSeeMe
> Consortium.
> The readme of VideoPhone is enclosed.
> Cordially,
> Roel Vertegaal