Re: TV on CUseeme

Terry L. Morgan (tmorgan@Sunmuw1.MUW.Edu)
Mon, 24 Apr 1995 20:47:49 -0500 (CDT)

On Mon, 24 Apr 1995, Joel K. Southwick wrote:

> Advertising, geez who wants to see advertising on cu-seeme reflectors.
> IMHO John has completely missed the point. I belive the general idea of
> cu-seeme is person to person or perhaps person to small group,
> videoconferance, and the inquiry of TV stations using this tech, is simply
> a sideline curiousity. NO one would reasonably argue that cu-seeme should
> be substituted for broadcast news or that the telephone should be
> substituted for radio. Anyway just my two cents worth.
> Joel Southwick

We used a rflector in our state last week to broadcast a
technology conference. Some people that were unable to attend could tune
into the reflector and be there.

It could be used for this type of purpose on a small scale. I think
using for advertising ... T.V. in general would be a tremendous waste of
bandwidth. As a previous poster stated .... It is cheaper to watch tv
than to use cuseeme to broadcast it.

That is my .02 cents

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