Re: Videophone software fraud?

Albert Foo (
Mon, 24 Apr 1995 20:34:47 -0500

Joseph Kahan <jkahan@PHOENIX.PHOENIX.NET> wrote:
>In order to provide the CU-SeeMe users with an interface that they were
>comfortable ith, the look and feel of the application was kept the same
>(only minor physical changes). Also, please remember VideoPhone is a
>Demo with several control functions taken out on purpose.

Joe and VideoPhone distributors:

I think it is the "look and feel" and inadequate control functions that turn
people off. IMO, I would expect to see a better product than what CUSeeME
can offer, if there's competing a clone out there. The main problem is the
inadequate functions or lack of. If you want your users to register, it is
better to give them the full functionality of the software, let them have a
feel of what it is like. You probably could impose a time limit or
"counter" program on the shareware version like the IPHONE program for
Windows. At least, this way, your users out there can sample the full
functions of this program for a limited time.

>Unfortunately because of an early release of the Demo version, orders for
>VideoPhone will not ready for at least a few more weeks.

I think you've hit a marketing mistake here. By releasing such a program in
haste, most users are already turn-off by this program. I for one, will
stick to original CUSeeMe.

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