A: Audio using Connectix Quickcam

Michael Sattler (msattler@jungle.com)
Mon, 24 Apr 1995 18:59:22 -0700

At 3:48 PM 4/24/95, Douglas Allpass wrote:
>I recently installed QuickCams on a couple of our macs here. One is a
>6100 and the other is an older IIci. I can connect just fine to any of
>the reflector sites, but I have been having problems with the audio portion
>of CU-SeeMe. I can understand having problems with the IIci, given the fact
>that it does not have an audio in port, but the 6100 should work. Is there
>perhaps some sort of audio setup that I have overlooked? Connectix says
>that the QuickCam allows for audio transmission, even on Macs w/o input
>capabilities. Is this true?


>Any help would be appreciated. I would, in fact, rather have someone tell
>me that I am ignorantly overlooking something, rather than be told that it
>cannot be done.

It cannot be done. See my web pages for the explanation.

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