Re: Alleged virus

Don Johnson (
Mon, 24 Apr 1995 23:38:09 -0400

Here are some interesting comments from a friend when I sent him a copy of
the letter about the alleged virus. It reinforces whats already been said by

Don Johnson

Evil deeds are but shadows walking across a great Light.
>>I've heard of this one before, more than six months ago, and I recall that
>>it's a hoax. And the internal evidence is consistent with a hoax:
>>1) Your message is the first I've heard of it. If "the FCC released a
>>warning last Wednesday,", then the NIST computer security folks would have
>>told me about it on Wednesday. Besides, I doubt that the FCC does the
>>2) No operating system is specified. No conceivable virus could infect DOS,
>>Unix, Mac, VAX, and ...
>>3) It's darkly said that the hard disk "will most likely be destroyed."
>>How: reformatted, erased, randomly altered, physically crashed...? A real
>>warning would be more specific.
>>4) The CPU will be "placed in an n-th complexity infinite binary loop" (the
>>jargon is pretty garbled) which "can severely damage the processor." Nope:
>>software can't break the hardware, at least not the CPU. Transistors can
>>flip forever till they burn out, decades from now.
>>Thanks, but I bet we'll never hear of any damage. Don't lose sleep over the
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