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John Carey (
Tue, 25 Apr 1995 00:08:10 -0400

I for one appreciated being able to feel closer to the people of Oklahoma
City by watching their broadcast via Internet. With sound in the new version
(for PC's) it can be an incredible tool. Appropriate? Probably not. but I
look forward to more of it in major crisis.

My 2 cents.

Don Johnson (Orlando, Fl USA)

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In my opinion, CU-SeeMe is not an appropriate technology to apply to what
can be better done by normal terrestrial broadcasting or cable delivery

This is analogous to asking why radio stations don't use the telephone
system for end delivery. While it is technically possible, it is an
inappropriate use of the tool. That something is possible is certainly not a
mandate to do it.

Teleconferencing on the internet using tools like CU-SeeMe is concerned with
collaboration, communciation and the democratization of information. I see no
value to anyone in providing giant networks with another delivery channel.
CU-SeeMe is not a broadcast technology. When used as a transmission medium,
it hardly merits the term narrowcast.

>From a broadcaster's point of view, to reach a significant number of people
would require an expensive network of reflectors and high speed data
connections. While I haven't actually compared the numbers, it seems to me
that it could easily cost one hundred times more to deliver a low quality, low
frame rate, black and white picture to a computer than to use the normal
broadcast system when done at the scale necessary to have the demographic
impact demanded by the advertisers who actually pay the bills for this sort
of thing. Given the quality of the image currently possible, it is dubious
that an advertiser would choose to present their product there rather than the
relatively high quality and cheaper medium of ordinary television, not to
mention television's proven demographics.

Another point to consider is that if video were to be delivered on that scale,
it would bring the internet to its knees in short order.

I could go on, but I think that I have made my point. It is an incredibly bad

That is just my thoughtful considered opinion. Take it for what it is worth.

John (

>Anyone else know of tv stations that plan on using Cuseeme or
>any other compatable programs for showing shows on the internet
>I am supprised that the OJ case or ESPN is not being showed
>some place.
>oh well thanks
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