Attn: Jeff: CU-SeeMe/QuickCam/PowerMac 7100AV Trouble Report

Joseph M. Izen (
Tue, 25 Apr 1995 11:06:57 -0500

Please, if Connectix isn't interested in troubleshooting this, just say so and I promise I'll stop sending you bug reports. I've documented a few other users who are having the same problems, and it would be simple enough for someone on your Tech team to reproduce the problem. Is your company really interested in troubleshooting this problem? Would you prefer that PowerMAC/CU-SeeMe/QuickCam users having the PRAM zapping crash problem contact you directly?

> Reply to: RE>Attention: Jeff Re: RE>CU-SeeMe/QuickCam/PowerM
>After looking more into this problem we still have no other reports of this
>problem. Try removing everything except for the QuickCam inits and the TCP

Did you see below that I did do this already? I reproduced the problem right after upgrading to 7.5.1, and upgrading the QuickCam software.

Even if you leave the vanilla 7.5.1 stuff, something maybe damaged. If
>you still have the problem, pull out your "Fonts" and "Preferences" folder and
>place them on the desktop. Perhaps one of those is damaged.

This is a longshot, and you know it. I am willing to do go through the excercise if you promise me that someone at Connectix will try to reproduce the problem if the problem remains after pulling my fonts and preferences.

>Finally, CU-See Me is not our software to support. We get a great deal of
>questions about it, but it is written by Cornell University. Please direct
>those questions accordingly, to Cornell Unversity at

Did you read my email, or just skim it? Did notice that I CC:'ed the CU-SeeMe team, and the CU-SeeMe listserver that they maintain? As I am doing for this message.

As I said in my last e-message, it is not clear whether the problem lies with the QuickCam software, with CU-SeeMe, or with MacOS. I'm just trying to collect info for the people who can understand the problem.

Best regards,
Joe Izen
>Jeff Woolsey
>Connectix Tech Support
>P.S. Since I'm not the only person who uses this account, please preface any
>replies with "Attention: Jeff." Thanks.
>Date: 4/12/95 4:58 PM
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>To: Tech Support <>
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>Dear Jeff,
> Thanks for writing back. Yes the problems appear to be specific to
>PowerMac/QuickCam/CU-SeeMe users, and I concede that this is a VERY
>extraordinary combination. Never-the-less, I have documented several
>extraordinary users, and *noone else* who is experiencing this PRAM-zap
>problem. I can confirm that QuickCam/CU-SeeMe works fine on non-power macs,
>and that the PowerMac/CU-SeeMe combination works fine with Camcorders on my
>7100AV. One user suggested, but did not prove (nor have I) that the problem
>occurs when other Apple event-aware applications like Eudora are running. I do
>run the ppc version 1.5.1 of Eudora.
>I *did* use Apple's Network Software Installer 1.5 right after upgrading to
>System 7.5.1, but this did not solve the PRAM-zap problem, and I have excluded
>extension conflicts by running with Vanilla 7.5.1 plus the QuickCam extensions.
>(It also occured with System 7.5 and Apple's Network Software Installer 1.4.5
>)So is the problem with QuickCam? or CU-SeeMe? or Apple hardware or system
>software? You got me, but I would appreciate it if your tech/development team
>could reproduce the problem and then exhonerate/convict QuickCam and its
> Thanks! -Joe Izen
>> Reply to: RE>CU-SeeMe/QuickCam/PowerMac 7100AV Trouble Report
>>You're problems are VERY out of the ordinary. We speak with people everyday
>>using CU-See with no problems. However, I'd recommend using Apple's Network
>>Software Installer 1.5 if you're not all ready doing so. Apple recommends it
>>for use with System 7.5 and we've found that it fixes a number of network bugs
>>on PowerMacs.
>>Jeff Woolsey
>>Connectix Tech Support
>>P.S. Since I'm not the only person who uses this account, please preface any
>>replies with "Attention: Jeff." Thanks.
>>Subject: CU-SeeMe/QuickCam/PowerMac 7100AV Trouble Report
>>From: Joseph M. Izen <>
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>>Date: Thu, 6 Apr 1995 21:44:14 -0500
>>Hi Folks,
>> Thanks to everyone with suggestions about my CU-SeeMe induced crashes.
>>Here's what I've learned.
>>1) I do not appear to have an extension conflict unless there is a problem
>>with the Quickcam extensions themselves. When I run CU-SeeMe (0.08b2) with
>>bare System 7.5.1 extensions + the 2 QuickCam extensions, I crash and zap my
>>PRAM in the process every few hours. This occurs with both the ppc and 68K
>>versions of CU-SeeMe. The 68K version *may* be a little more stable, but it
>>still does crash occasionally , with a PRAM zap too.
>>2) Since I have an AV Mac, I can use a camcorder as my picture source and let
>>my Mac digitize. When I do this, I have yet to zap my PRAM. I have run for
>>several days, both with a minimal extension set and with my system "loade"
>>all my favorite extensions. Both the ppc and 68K versions are stable.
>>I have an ethernet internet connection.
>>This is as far as I can proceed on my own. I would be real interested to hear
>>if the development team can reproduce my situation. I've had email from a few
>>of you who have had problems which might be the same as mine. My colleague
>>a Quadra, and he's never experienced a PRAM zap. The problem seems specific
>>PowerMacs, or at least 7100AV's. Note that I haven't proven that the problem
>>is a CU-SeeMe problem. It could still be a QuickCam problem, but my attempt
>>explore that possibility with with Connectix tech support was cordial but not
>>very productive. Maybe they know something I don't?
>> -Joe Izen