Re: Brief message on CUSeeMe

Risto Virtanen (
Tue, 25 Apr 1995 19:58:24 +0300

>On Sun, 23 Apr 1995, Ray Crane wrote:
>> I think the problem is just that the PC-Windows version was written as
>> kind of an afterthought, well after developement of the Mac version was
>> underway. I think that if development had started on the PC platform in
>> the beginning and then they decided to make a Mac version, things would be
>> just the opposite that they are now - The PC version would be working peachy
>> and people would be having a hell of a time with the Mac version. I don't
>> know, just my opinion....
>I've done ports both ways, and give me a MAC every time! The documentation
>for Windows Apps always ends up something like....
> Ensure that you have installed version 2.134 of .. put 40 TLAs (3 letter
> acronyms) here......
>The documentation for the MAC ends up like....
> Ensure that the computer is switched ON....
>To be fair, the range of hardware is much larger on the Windows boxes -
>On the ports I've done, the complexity of dealing with multiple video/
>sound cards contributed to the difficulties we had.

I've got the same impression. The 'industry standard' is actually a bunch
of competing, mutually incompatible standards; each hoping to be THE
standard. It's not trivial to develop applications for each of them. On the
Mac-side the standard is defined by Apple with tools and guidelines; you
just accept it or leave it... simple. :-)