Campaign for WWCC

Jeff Hauman (
25 Apr 1995 16:46:04 -0500

Subject: Time: 4:25 PM
OFFICE MEMO Campaign for WWCC Date: 4/25/95

(There is a knock at the door and you answer it)

Hello, my name is Jeff Hauman, and I am here to tell you why the corrado
owners should name their new club, WWCC, World Wide Corrado Club. In the
advent of the internet and the WWW (World Wide Web) it sounds more 90's!!!!
This way it includes everyone from all continents and premotes the brother &
sister-hood. We should not be devided by different names... we are all
created equal, just some of us have 4 cylinders and others have 6.. (SLAM!!!
the door goes shut!)

(the knock again)

(you answer and say..) NOW WHAT!

(Jan Vandenbrande replies) Did you know that World Wide Corrado Club --
(WWCC) is pronounced "WICKED!" ?

( you answer ) COOL! You can count on me voting for WWCC!

(Bartles and James end the pitch with) Thank you for your support.

De Kalb, IL 90' G60