Stanford-Japan Videobridge LIVE

Michael Bayle (bayle@fuji.Stanford.EDU)
Tue, 25 Apr 1995 14:51:42 -0700 (PDT)

The following will be broadcasted on CU-SEEME live this Wednesday,
4/26/95 at 6PM-8:15PM PST (10AM-12:15PM Japan Thursday). It will
be available on

An agenda follows...please note that for two of the presentations,
our broadcast will be temporarily halted as the speakers require
a quick connection to the net (we are only using one machine for this.)

Please join us if you have a chance!!!

The US-Japan Technology Management Center


Wednesday 4/26 5:30-6pm refreshments outside
6pm-8pm video bridge
102 Thornton Hall
(directly West of Terman)

In this live two-way video bridge with the TEPIA convention center in
Tokyo, Japan, we will get a pre-opening view of the multimedia
exhibition which doesn't open publicly until the next day.

6:00 MC in Japan: Miss Kuniko Yamashita
Opening message from President Shigeru Harada
Greeting from MITI, Mr. Hideo Morimoto
MC at Stanford: Mr. Richard Dasher
Opening message from Dean Dwain Fullerton
Greeting from Dr. Masahiro Kawahata
Greeting from Professor Joseph Goodman
Presentations from Stanford
Dr. Harry Saal - Smart Valley
Dr. William Wong - CommerceNet (5 min. blackout on CUSEEME)
Mr. Burt Lee - Japan Window (10 min. blackout on CUSEEME)
7:05 Introduction of exhibition hall and exhibitions from TEPIA
1. TEO - Another Earth
Presented by Mr. Atsushi Yagi from Fujitsu, Ltd.
2. Video on Demand
Presented by Mr. Hideki Sakamoto from NTT
3. Hi-Vision Interactive Images
Presented by Mr. Toshiyuki Takarada,NHK Enterprises
4. Virtual Skiing
Presented by Mr. Kunihiro Nakagawa from NEC
5. Automated Building Construction System
Presented by Mr. Yoshihiro Ichioka from Obayashi Corp.
7:30 MC in Japan
Discussion (Q&A session; 2-way video, 2-way audio
8:15 End

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