Re: VideoLogic Captivator

Paul Henry (
Thu, 27 Apr 1995 04:45:26 -0700

Rogene Talento wrote:

>Just to let any PC users out there looking for a video card, you probably
>won't be able to beat the deal on the VideoLogic Captivator being sold by
>TigerSoftware for $89 (800-888-4437 or

I second this. Mine worked fine too after I got the IRQs sorted out.

>The package also included Microsoft Video for Windows WITH the Video Clips
>CD-ROM, and a bonus MacroMedia Action! 2.5 package.

Though the documentation didn't appear to mention it, I saw no reason why I
couldn't run my cable TV into the card so I did. Now, thanks to CNN, I can
also have a little, full color, video of OJ on my screen all the time.
Yippee!! :-)

Fun, fun, fun!!
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