RE: nv

Danm (
27 Apr 1995 10:16:18 U


Has anyone compiled a list of those computers that are big-endian, and those
that are little-endian. Of particular interest would be answers on whether the
mac and/or sgi are big or little endian.
Jan Engvald, Lund University Computing Center wrote:
>Note that CU-SeeMe-to-nv does not work if the reflector is little-endian
>(a bug in the reflector code). It also does not work if the Unix-client
>is little-endian (a bug in the nv code). [Sun is big-endian, DecStations
>and 80x86 systems are little-endian; I don't know the endian of others]
Is there a patch for the reflector bug, or is this a feature that is not
changeable for some reason?