CU-SeeMe going commercial

Richard Cogger (
Thu, 27 Apr 1995 15:28:55 -0400

If you would be offended by news of an upcoming announcement and
news release about future commercially licensed versions of CU-SeeMe,
please stop reading now.

If on the other hand, you would be interested, here is the scoop:


As previously mentioned here, Cornell is arranging to release
source code for CU-SeeMe with both free, non-comercial licensing and
commercial licensing through a Master Licensee.
Free versions of the program will continue to be developed, as in
the past, but now we can look forward to commercially enhanced and
supported (but interoperable) versions for those who will prefer to have
that option.
Cornell University in conjunction with White Pine Software
will be making a joint announcement LIVE over the Internet. Cornell
has selected White Pine as master licensee for commercial development
of Cornell's CU-SeeMe Desktop Video Conferencing technology. To bring
this event to everyone who may be interested, we will be setting up a
reflector network to carry the announcement as well as some other parts of
the Desktop Videoconferencing Conference in San Francisco next week.

Incidently, we need some reflector sites willing to help.
If you are interested in hooking in a Reflector, please send email to John

__________Below is information provided by White Pine________________

In San Fransicso from May 2nd to May 4th White Pine will be
participating in the DVC (Desktop Video Conference) Technical Seminar &
Exhibition in San Francisco. During the show we will announce the
details of our partnership with Cornell and their Video Conferencing
Cu-SeeMe technology.

At the conference we plan to use CU-SeeMe to broadcast
the news to the Internet community. We will have an Internet
onramp on the show floor and in a Technical Conference room. The
technology allows for us to set in place a number of group conferencing
sites over the Internet to which users will be able to connect to watch
and listen to the following events:

* Tuesday May 2nd 1:00 pm -> 7:00 pm PST:

* Connect to White Pine's site to watch and collaborate with
participants at the DVC show.

* Wednesday May 3rd
* Connect to Cornell's site for the following broadcast events:

* 9:00 am -> 11:30 pm PST: Watch the DVC technical program:
* Software Interface Issues:
This session reviews some of the problems application
developers will encounter in bringing up conferencing

* 12:30 pm -> 1:15 pm PST:

* Watch a press presentation and demo announcing White
Pine's entrance into the Video Conferencing field with
Cornell University. During the demo White Pine will
conference with Cornell to discuss the technology with
Richard Cogger, creater of the technology.

* 1:30 pm -> 4:00 pm PST: Watch the DVC technical program:
* Applications from Kiosks to Classrooms:
The technology for videoconferencing, as the presenters
in this session will illustrate, lends itself to much
more than desk-to-desk applications.

* Thursday May 4th 10:00 am -> 3:00 pm PST:

* Connect to White Pine's site to watch and collaborate with
participants at the DVC show.

The exact times and events may change and the Internet site names and ID's
to conference to will be posted on White Pine's Home Page:

If you do not have access to Mosaic or Netscape please e-mail White Pine
at your intention to participate in viewing the conference
and we will e-mail you the information as available.