Re: Reflector - reflect.conf

David S. Dworkin (
Fri, 28 Apr 95 09:30:41 EDT

>> I'm using vi to create my reflect.conf file and I'm having trouble
>> inserting the "msg-string".(The reflector is running on a SPARCstation
>> 10/51 SunOs 4.1.3)
>>From README.reflector.3.0b3.txt:
>> ... Maximum length of msg-string is 80 characters
>> for this and all other msg-strings. Also see CONF-MGR below.


Actually, the MOTD string can be up to 800 characters in length. You'll
notice the distinction in the readme... the MOTD string is labeled as
motd-string, whereas msg-strings are labeled as such.

As far as your question, dawn, I haven't had this problem. Actually, instead
of inserting a hard <CR> using vi, I've found just putting the trailing
// on a new line by itself works.