Re: Cu-Seeme and Appletalk?

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Fri, 28 Apr 1995 22:58:16 +0800

At 3:04 PM 4/28/95, Kevin Hoogheem wrote:

> Dont want to sound rude here or anything but, My reply has nothing
> to the Idea of connecting the two isolated, I did say it would
> work if you put mactcp on the machines, in fact I dont think
> would even need the fastpath box at all. If there was any
> problems with not sending the Ip you could get a easy cheap
> software solution, call MacIPGateway from Apple that sells for
> if I remember right 99 dollars. This allows you great control
> over a Ip networking scheme from what I have read about it.

The above Apple IP Gateway (not MacIPgateway) will NOT perform what you want.
Apple IP Gateway requires that the "gateway" machine be connected to the
Internet by ethernet. You can then "gateway" say a LAN on ethernet or even
on Localtalk through this machine and allocate IP numbers to the machines
on the LAN. That's one use. You'll need IP numbers to allocate of course.

Another use (that I use) is to dialup from home is to have AppleIP Gateway
running on my work Mac (connected to ethernet), dialup using ARA (AppleTalk
Remote Access) and connect my home machine to the net. I have one "spare"
Ip number that I can allaocte to this use, for my home machine.

Back to the point (and I am not clear what that is anymore): it is possible
to setup a LAN of Macintoshes that are isolated from the broader Internet,
using MacTCP and LocalTalk (Phonenet cabling, etc) and run CUSM over this.
My earlier posting discusses this.

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