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Corrections/clarifications to your list:

Creative Lab's FS200 board does not work for CU-SeeMe'ing in all
cases (I can vouch for them not working on Digital XL 590, Digital
450d2 MT, and Packard Bell Legend 2000 PC's). The only Creative
Lab's board that seemed, from experiences cited on this list, to
work with CU-SeeMe, regardless of the particular PC platform, was
the Video Spigot board, which has long since been discontinued by
Creative Lab's. Creative Lab's RT300 board, as you indicate,
doesn't currently work with CU-SeeMe, but I think someone is
working on a fix for that.

VideoLogic's older Captivator board DOES work in some cases (e.g. -
2 posters to this list recently indicated that it is working just
fine on their PC's with CU-SeeMe, and one indicated having problems,
so maybe it's "most cases", since 2 out of 3 is a majority :-).


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