New method of distributing CU-SeeMe reflector list

Michael Sattler (
Fri, 28 Apr 1995 15:10:49 -0700

Due to numerous complaints from people who have had problems downloading
a text file with significant tabs, I've started distributing the CU-SeeMe
world-wide reflector list in BinHex 4 format. It may be found at

Please update any links you may have had to the old document. Thank you.


List #31 is available. Summary of changes:

# 31. Added (USA) ThePoint
# 31. Added (USA) KJHK radio
# 31. Added (USA) Atlanta
# 31. Added (USA) IITAP NASA Select and (USA) IITAP
# 31. Added (USA) ASU Geology Department
# 31. Added (USA) Kent State NASA Select
# 31. Added (France) Telecomm Grand Ecole
# 31. Info added for (UK) Plymouth Univ
# 31. Info added for (USA) Kent State Univ
# 31. Info added for (Canada) Dalhousie Univ; corrected IP address
# 31. Info added for (Sweden) Lund University
# 31. Info added for (Sweden) Foeredrag i Lund reflector pair
# 31. Info added for (USA) Univ Maryland
# 31. Was informed of the spelling of "Rio de Janeiro"
# 31. Corrected (USA) Univ Maine's IP address; added web page info

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