Re: Different List options, please?

Price P C (
Sat, 29 Apr 1995 23:31:28 -0400 (EDT)

I am going to reply to the list because I believe this is an interesting
issue. When I select to reply to messages from the list now, the default
is to the individual. To post to the list, I need to either reply to all
recipients (the list is included as well as the individual) or delete the
individual's name and post only to the list.

I, too, am amazed at the volume of mail that this list generates!
However, I, personally, like seeing answers posted to the list. I save
many of the messages with replies containing solutions to problems I may
(but haven't yet) run into. Truthfully, that's one of the basic reasons I
stay subscribed to this list. Sometimes I have had the same problem as
someone posting to the list, but, because a reply wasn't sent back to the
list, I have had to try to track down who posted the original question and
either send a message to them asking if they ever received a reply or
repost the question myself.

Also, when I have answered people directly who have responded to a post, I
find I have to send several different mail messages multiple times,
because many people respond.

Posting a summary would be great if people would do it, but people are
very busy and once they have the answer they need they're off to other

Using the list server itself to send out reflector information, etc. is a
great idea!!

On Sat, 29 Apr 1995, Iain Davidson wrote:

> Dear CU-SEEME-L members at large........
> I would like to propose that repling to list messages defaults to
> replying directly to the sender instead of mailing list.
> I've been noticing more and more, that 80 to 90% of messages coming
> across the mailing list SHOULD OF BEEN sent to the people asking the
> question, NOT THE LIST. If the person asking the question, would like to
> create a summary and post it, that would be great.
> All new members of the mailing-list are sent a copy of the FAQ as soon
> as they join. Including questions like 'I have a QuickCam and it doesn't
> work!' or 'Does the QuickCam work with CU-SEEME?'. Blllaaaaahhhhh! *bonk*
> LISTPROC program has a the capiblity of acting as a file server......
> You can store various files such as the current reflector list, FAQ (on
> general, list of working video cards, windows, mac, etc) in seperate
> files, and video conferencing Web page sites.... Commands like 'get
> CU-SEEME-L reflectors' or 'get CU-SEEME-L' are
> relativly simple for most people. An update everyother week, on what
> is available and how to access it.... should be a really good deterent
> for mailing list noize.
> Let's work together on keeping the bandwidth down on the mailing list.
> (I don't know about you... but I'm getting swamped with messages. I've
> received 5 more DURING THE TIME of writing this MESSAGE! *glup!* )
> Just my thoughts being a long time member of the CU-SEEME community...
> *shrug*
> -Iain
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