Yikes! Reduced to modems!

Tim Dorsett (dorsett@interaccess.com)
Sat, 29 Apr 1995 21:16:22 -0500

I recently posted a message about an upcoming trade show in which my
company is going to be showcasing CU-SeeMe. I was hoping others would be
interested in videoconferencing with us during the show and we got about 15
replies. Yesterday, however, I was informed that the two 56K lines we were
going to be connected to during the show would cost $2000.

Now I'm forced to use 2 V.34 modems. I have two power macs with blazing
fast serial ports. Would it be possible to get up over 100K(with
compression) using CU-SeeMe, MacPPPSD, and a full V.34 connection?? Also,
what can I expect as far as the quality of the audio and video? Will I
even get audio? If anyone can please pass on some pointers, advice, etc. I
would highly appreciate it.

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