Re: Secrets of the T1?

Bill Eastman (
Sat, 29 Apr 1995 21:32:45 -0500

>Until this past week I did my CU-SeeMe viewing the crappy, old-fashioned
>way: at home with a 14.4 dialup link. (Hey, I didn't say I did it
>WELL.) So I was understandably elated when we finally got some of the
>Macs at work connected to the T1. But, for some reason, we cannot get
>_anything_ video- or audio-related to work....not CU, not Maven, not
>anything. Whenever we run CU (or Maven, or NetPhone) and enter an IP
>address, it just doesn't take; all we get is a "no response" error.
>Everything else net-related works just fine...Netscape, Telnet, Eudora,
>all run smoothly.
>I'm not sure what other details to provide, because none of us have the
>least little clue why just these programs won't connect. Does anyone out
>there have any ideas as to some silly common mistake we might be making?

Are they running any firewalls? Try which is the ABC station
in Oklahoma City.

Bill Eastman
Austin, Texas