Re: Yikes! Reduced to modems!

Jay M. Williams (
Sat, 29 Apr 1995 21:50:04 -0500

>Now I'm forced to use 2 V.34 modems. I have two power macs with blazing
>fast serial ports. Would it be possible to get up over 100K(with
>compression) using CU-SeeMe, MacPPPSD, and a full V.34 connection?? Also,
>what can I expect as far as the quality of the audio and video? Will I
>even get audio? If anyone can please pass on some pointers, advice, etc. I
>would highly appreciate it.
Have you though about using both Macs on an Ethernet connection?
Especially with a good external camera for folks to see themselves in.
That alwasy draws a crowd. It is unlikely (due to the way the phone lines
at most trade shows are rigged) that you will be able to get much better
than 38.4 throughput on the phone lines, so no decent audio. People will
still love the video tho!

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